, a leading product by Moviebites used for live and automated online video interviews, and JobTV24, Europe’s largest online video career portal, have agreed to cooperate in the field of video production in Germany. Both companies share a strong background in online recruitment video in their respective home markets the Netherlands and Germany. JobTV24 will support Cammio clients in Germany with recruitment and employer branding video production. Cammio clients can fully customize their online video interview environment to ensure a high level of employer branding right from the first interview with the candidate. Online video interviews help candidates to get a better impression of the working environment, colleagues and company culture they are interviewing with.

Walter Hueber, CEO Moviebites/Cammio, said: “It was great to find a like-minded video production and technology company in Germany that understands the recruitment space. This brings immediate benefit to our Cammio clients in Germany. With the increasing number of German customers using our online video interview solutions, we wanted to ensure the highest level of quality in each of our partners. I am confident that our clients will be in good hands with JobTV24 when it comes to compelling video content used in their branded online interview environment.”

Employers in Germany interviewing candidates online with Cammio find it easier to schedule interviews and compare candidates. Online video interviews help them enlarge their talent pool and give them better access to talent over their competitors. They interview candidates online in a fully branded interview environment, can record and share these interviews with the permission of the candidate. Candidates can meet employers from the comfort of their home at a time convenient for them and can also browse relevant video content, preparing them for the interview. This saves valuable time and costs in the first interview round.